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Reims : « la Cité des Sacres » ("Coronation City")

REIMS Cathedral
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Reims has a very rich history and an exceptional architectural heritage. This includes four buildings that have been listed as UNESCO world heritage sites since 1991.

REIMS Cathedral... 800 years of history

This Gothic masterpiece was built in the 13th century and is particularly rich in sculptural works.
In past the times, the kings of France were crowned at the cathedral.

Tau Palace

The former palace of the archbishops of Reims, it is now a museum of objects associated with the kings' coronations, and houses statues and sculptures from the cathedral that are too damaged to be left in place.

Saint Remi Basilica

The abbey church, Saint Remi Basilica was built in Roman times and modified in the Gothic era, its chevet has magnificent 12th century stained-glass windows that have been restored, and contains Saint Remi's tomb. It was once an important pilgrim destination.

Reims and champagne

Champagne cellars in Reims
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Discover the secrets of Champagne's cellars: see how champagne is made as the professionals share their love for this most famous of beverages. A tour of the cellars is an unmissable experience when you are staying in Reims. We will be delighted to provide information on excursions, please ask at reception.

The Champagne Tourism Route starts about one hundred kilometres east of Paris. It follows the Marne Valley to the towns of Epernay and Reims and then continues southwards to Sézanne and the Côte des Bar. There are, in fact, five circuits totalling more than 500 km that will take you to magnificent view points, authentic villages, old monasteries and some imposing castles and churches. Four of these circuits are in the Marne and one meanders through the Aube.

The Champagne Tourism Routes begin with Epernay and Reims. These two towns have become famous because of the great champagne houses such as Moët et Chandon and Veuve Clicquot. However, between the two towns and beyond Epernay towards the south, hectares of vines cover the lightly undulating landscape. And it is here, in the villages, that a unique, ancestral tradition is upheld by champagne producers operating family-owned vineyards.

Champagne cellars in Reims

A city rich in art and history, Reims may dazzle visitors with its architectural beauty, but there are other treasures beneath the ground.

Champagne, the king of drinks...

There are 250 kilometres of champagne cellars and tunnels known as "crayères" ("chalk quarries"), most of which date back to Gallo-Roman times, that can be visited.

Tours of the cellars of internationally renowned Champagne houses such as Mumm, Pommery and Taittinger are a wonderful, magical experience.

Reims : economic centre of the Champagne-Ardenne region

Thanks, among other things, to its exceptional location in the centre of Reims, the hotel AU TAMBOUR is an excellent choice for business travel.

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