near the centre of Reims in Champagne
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Discover Reims

Reims benefit from an extraordinary architectural heritage. It includes several monuments that became part of the UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 1991.

The Cathedral of Reims ... 800 years of history
A masterpiece of Gothic art, built in the 13th century with a rich statuary. The cathedral is famous for being the place of the assession Kings of France by the coronation ceremony.

The Palace of Tau
The former archiepiscopal palace remains the memory of the royal coronations, the statuary and sculptures of the cathedral were unfortunately damaged.

The Saint-Rémi Basilica
The abbey church, Saint-Rémi Basilica, was built in the Romanesque period and reviewed in the Gothic period. Its chevet has magnificent restored stained glass windows from the 12th century and houses the tomb of Saint Remi. It was regarded as a shrine.

Champagne cellars in Reims
If Reims, city of Art and History dazzles visitors with its architectural beauty, it also reveals tasty resources with numerous cellars to visit.
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