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Discovery of the culinary specialties of Reims

The unmissable gourmet specialties of Champagne-Ardenne not to be missed during your stay or weekend in Reims

Take advantage of your stay in the city of Reims to discover the culinary specialties that make its reputation. Between savory and sweet specialties, Champagne-Ardenne has not finished surprising you!

The pink cookie of Reims

A cookie with a crunchy and melting texture sprinkled with powdered sugar, the Reims cookie is distinguished by its rectangular shape, thick and its pink color given by the dye used during the preparation.

These cookies were originally created to be dipped, first in syrupy wines, then quickly associated with champagne. We also love to dip it in coffee or tea at snack time.

The croquignoles of Reims

Pink or white, the croquignoles are cookies resembling meringue, by their shape which can be round or elongated but also by their texture of crunchy cookie. There are different flavors, such as almond, raspberry, plain and even chocolate.

The nonnettes of Reims

Small round soft cakes, the nonnettes are cookies made from gingerbread and filled with orange marmalade, blueberries or raspberries. You can easily find them packaged by six.

The Reims Ham

During a gourmet break in one of the city's restaurants, let yourself be tempted by the Reims Ham, known for its cooking in broth and its yellow breadcrumbs.

This famous culinary recipe is very appreciated by the people of Reims and is then moulded and covered with breadcrumbs to give it its crispness. It is made from pork shoulder and leg, marinated in a well-kept secret aromatic broth.

We like to eat it as a starter, cold, or as a dish in hot recipes that reveal all its flavors.

Champagne, the wine of Champagne-Ardenne

This famous French sparkling wine of celebration comes from the Champagne-Ardenne region. With a worldwide reputation, it benefits from an appellation d'origine contrôlée, which thus delimits its geographical area of production, its grape varieties but also its yields and its elaboration.

Organize your stay in Reims

You wish to organize a stay in Reims, with friends, family or as a couple? Our Hotel *** Au Tambour in Reims proposes you to book its rooms with all comfort from 1 to 5 persons.

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