near the centre of Reims in Champagne
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Escape Game, investigate in Reims.

Enjoy the unusual experience of the Escape Game, located just 10 minutes by car from our hotel Le Tambour. Form your team and work together to unravel the mysteries before you.

You have 60 minutes to take up this challenge!

Test your investigative skills!

To accomplish your mission, you will have to form a group of 3 to 6 participants, you will be trapped as detectives in a room full of clues....
Get Out offers several themes for this leisure and cohesion game activity in Reims!
We will have to find clues, analyze them and find matches. Your insight will be put to the test and to succeed you will need to choose motivated partners. Group cohesion is crucial to win this game. Feel free to do it as a family.

A total immersion in this cohesion activity:

You will live in the heart of a detective novel. Your team of investigators will have to use all their skills to unlock the mysteries and solve the plot.

The master of the game, who is not part of the team, observes the piece from the outside, sees everything and hears everything. He has the opportunity to interact with you, and to give you some advice, at his discretion. From the beginning to the end of the game, the only certainty you will have is the time you will have: 60 minutes no more, no less. Will you get out in time? Ideal to test yourself, this group activity will allow you to develop your listening skills. An unusual game that will undoubtedly entertain you!

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