near the centre of Reims in Champagne
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Pink Biscuits Reims

You will certainly bring back from your stay at the Hotel Tambour in Reims, this delicacy which is the reputation of Reims. This is one of the most famous local specialties, after champagne, whose origin dates back to the 1690s!

How was born the beautiful pink biscuit of Reims?

The beautiful culinary stories are always amazing, and history this pink biscuit is no exception. Champagne bakers came up with the idea of ​​creating a special dough which, after being baked for the first time, was left in the bread oven where it finished drying. The purpose was to use the heat of their oven after the process. But it is the word "bis-cuit" in french, that is to say, cooked twice, which had just been invented. The recipe remains unchanged since that date.

For the little history, the biscuit was initially white. It is only after having tried to flavor the vanilla dough, that the biscuit has become pink, in order to hind the fine black particles extracted from the vanilla pod. It owes its rose to a natural red added to the recipe, the carmine, produced from cochineal females.

The biscuit is eaten both alone or accompanied, and also gives you the opportunity to add your personal touch in a tasty fruit charlotte for exemple.

A must-go gourmet stop

During your stopover in Reims, we recommend you to visit the sweet pink factory of La maison Fossier, a must-have gourmet stop. This is the last biscuit factory to make the pink biscuit. Maison Fossier is the only current owner of the know-how and appellation. It thus perpetuates manufacturing secrets transmitted from generation to generation since 1756.
Maison Fossier welcomes you every day by reservation, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm.

Fossier cookies
20 Maurice Prévoteau Street
CS 40033 - 51721 Reims Cedex
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