near the centre of Reims in Champagne
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The Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral

The Au Tambour Hotel will welcome you with many advices to allow you to appreciate all the attractions of the City of Sacres of most kings of France.

With its Gothic facade, the richness of its sculpted program and the quality of the materials used, the cathedral of Reims is one of the most beautiful examples left by Gothic art.

The cathedral of Reims is undoubtedly one of the major achievements of the Gothic art in France, as well for its architecture as for its statuary, which does not count less than 2 303 statues. The richness of the Reims sculpted program is renowned. This is like a book of images in the form of statues, including The Gallery of Kings, The Queen of Sheba or the famous Angel with a smile.

The Champagne-Ardenne region has one of the richest heritage of ancient glass and there are still some of the most remarkable works of Gothic stained glass in the cathedral.

Marc Chagall in 1974 made three windows, installed in la chapelle d'Axe. And since 2011, the stained glass windows of Imi Knoebel, an artist of international renown, are visible in the cathedral, on both sides of those created by Marc Chagall.

A witness of the history of France and the contemporary world

Probably begun in 1211, under the reign of Philippe Auguste, its realization lasted three centuries. At 138 meters long and 38 meters high, the sanctuary is the largest building in Christendom. The plague, the Hundred Years' War, pecuniary difficulties and then the fire of the attic in 1481, will delay the completion of the works and will eventually prevent the construction of the arrows of the western facade.

Notre-Dame de Reims is a 13th century cathedral, renowned for its coronations of the Kings of France. Following the baptism of Clovis in Reims in 498, the Cathedral was the scene of 25 royal coronations. In 816, it is the son of Charlemagne, Louis le Pieux, who chooses Reims to be crowned emperor in the sanctuary. In 1027, Henry I was the first sacred Capetian in the new cathedral. With the exception of Louis VI and Henri IV, it is at Notre-Dame de Reims that all the kings of France will be crowned.

We invite you to come to Reims to discover other treasures and anecdotes of the history of the cathedral and the city of Reims.
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