near the centre of Reims in Champagne
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Visit the Palais de Tau

Enjoy your stay at the hotel AU TAMBOUR to discover the Palais de Tau and the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral. Access the Palace of Tau and the Cathedral by car, less than 15 minutes from your Hotel.

The Palais de Tau is a former archiepiscopal palace and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This museum now presents to the public the treasures of the Cathedral of Reims. You can admire an impressive collection of period sculptures and tapestries from the 15th and 16th centuries. Objects from the last coronation of King Charles X are also exposed.

The origin of the Palace of tau

The Palace owes its name to its plan, which in the Middle Ages was T-shaped (Tau in Greek). Originally, the Palais de Tau was the residence of the archbishop of the city. It was later transformed into a court and then a stock exchange during the French Revolution.

Damaged by a fire at the beginning of World War I, the building was restored and turned into a museum. Located to the right of the cathedral, the palace was the residence of kings for their coronation. The royal procession left the palace, and the feast was held in the great hall of the banquet.

A great opportunity to admire the treasures of the Palace

Count 8 € per person. But we recommend to combine the visit of the Palais de Tau and the cathedral for 11 €.

More information on Events on the Palais du Tau website
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